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    Read this if Audition crashes when you use the built-in effects.

    Charles VW Adobe Employee

      There is a known crash if you have done the following:

      1. Scanned for third-party VST or AU plug-ins
      2. Then moved or renamed "Adobe Audition.app" to some other location than where it was in Step 1.


      In this state, you might find that the following built-in plug-ins crash every time you bring them up.


      • AnalogDelay
      • Chorus/Flanger
      • Convolution Reverb
      • DeEsser
      • DeHummer
      • Distortion
      • GuitarSuite
      • Multiband Compressor
      • Phaser
      • Mastering
      • Single-band Compressor
      • Surround Reverb
      • Tube-modeled Compressor
      • Vocal Enhancer


      To fix this problem, please try deleting the following file in your application preferences directory


      • ~/Library/Preferences/Adobe/Audition/4.0/AudioPluginManagerSettings.xml


      Then relaunch Audition.  If this doesn't solve your problem, please let us know via the crash reporter (and the forum as well if you want).