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    Export text to outlines

    RaydarNZ Level 1

      I want to keep my text editable in Flash (Classic text) and convert to outlines on publishing to swf so I don't have to worry about font embedding. Is it possible to do this? ie FLA keeps editable text but swf gets published out with outline text.

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          dtauer Level 2

          There really isn't a way to keep text editable at design time, but converted to outlines at runtime.  There are a couple alternatives, though.  Firstly, if you are using Static text, Flash is automatically embedding the font for your.  On top of that, it's only embedding the characters you use.  So if your field has "Hello" in it, Flash embeds 5 characters (instead of the whole font).


          Secondly, if you don't care about what the font looks like, you can change the anti-alias option to "Use device fonts" which will not embed the font and do a substitution on the user end (either serif or san-serif font depending on what font you've chosen).  Obviously this is not optimal for maintaining the design you want.


          If you truly want to omit font information you can select your text field and choose Modify > Break Apart.  You'll need to do this twice to get it broken down to vector graphics.  At this point, the text is just a shape so you can no longer edit it.  Not a great solution if you need to change the text.  You can make this a little easier by coping the text onto another layer before you break it apart (so one layer will have the text field and the other layer will have the shape-version). Right-click on the layer with the text field and choose "Guide".  Since your text field is on a guide layer, Flash will not export it and in turn not embed any font information.  It's kind of a hack, but really the only way to get around it.

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            RaydarNZ Level 1

            Hi, thanks very much for that, I didn't realize that Static text would automatically be embedded, thats the perfect solution for me. Thanks.