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    Question about adding functionality within a Quiz Template


      Hi all, I know remote programming help is tough, but I'm at a loss right now.


      I have a quiz template that has been edited to be all MC (3 questions each).  What I need to do is jump to an information slide with additional information/pictures/links when a user selects a wrong answer.  The Feedback text area that came with the template just doesn't allow for the depth of information that I need to provide to the user when a wrong answer is selected.


      Is there a proff-of-concept of something like this?  The information slide doesn't need to be included in the total number of questions, and shouldn't interrupt the flow of the quiz.  I'm not sophisticated enough in Flash to know right off the bat how to proceed.  I seem to constantly miss elements on the stage that have some kind of dastardly code associated with them...stuff keeps blowing up in my face!  Ugh ><  Halp!


      I can, of course, provide additional information/code snippets if that is helpful...