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    Animations undone when returning to state


      I am creating an investment application with around 10 states.Each state represents a certain type of investment strategy, and has its own set of components (although they look similar).

      When I'm in a certain state (ie for investment strategy1), it does some animations to move a couple components around. For instance, I have a datagrid that shows a summary of stocks. When the user clicks a row, it shows a couple of line charts. The line charts have a y of  -1000, so they don't appear on screen. i then do an animation where I perform a move yTo=50 to have the line chart pop in (the datagrid is resized accordingly). All this animation happens in one state. If I transition to another state (which represents another strategy), then switch back to the original, I see that my line charts are gone. i'm assuming they are  back off the screen.So, my questions are:


      1. Do the animations lock-in the x,y values of the components, or are they reset each time the state is changed?
      2. Am I gonna need to create substates for each investment strategy to do what I'm trying to do (have the state show my components after they've moved onto the screen), or can I do it with one state?


      Thank you for your help.