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    Newbie Video Card Question


      I currently have a FX3800 and have upgraded to CS5.


      Two questions:


      1. When they say the GTX cards have a 3 layers limitation, do you mean tracks or 3 effects on any one clip or something else? Also, is it true the 3800 has the limitation as well? (I have been reading the forums tonight for 2 hours and am getting soooo confused!)


      2. My son has also been using CS4 for a year or so and I am thinking of getting him a video card now that he is going to CS5 as well. (He is crazy talented and only 13!!) So, should I give him the 3800 and get myself the 470 or should I keep the 3800 in my system?



      (My system is a i7 @ 3.6,  12GB. His is a Quadcore 6600, 8GB)



      Thanks for the help!