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    screen recording in flex

    SiddharthSaha Level 1

      I am developing a whiteboard application in Flex and Action Script3. I have the following-

      1. There is a canvas on which the publisher can draw and that will be published to the subscribers
      2. The publisher can also give the webcam input and microphone input
      I have been able to do these via shared objects and net stream publish().

      Now  I want that these things are recorded in an FLV file on the server -  that is, the drawing activity on the canvas, the webcam input and the  audio on one single file which can be viewed later.


      Can someone suggest me how can I go about this?

      I  came across Screen recording VH Driver - which will emulate a webcam  and that can be use to publish to the netstream and record. But this way  I will lose my physical webcam.


      Also. I want a solution on Ubuntu as I am using the Red5 Server.

      Please suggest.
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          aktell2007 Level 1

          I saw something like this on Evato Flex and AIR App. to buy for a few dollars only last week with regards to the video, and there is a Developer in NZ he had on his blog/ web site "monkey something' a whiteBoard App. all made up to use with code etc. He even won a price on 360 degree a year or so ago with it !