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    Using Adobe's Facebook API to upload Image - Problem


      Hi there!


      I recently developed an Adobe AIR App, for uploading images to a Facebook User's Album, which worked well! But now, as I tryed to migrate the AIR App to an Flash App, which is supposed to do exactly the same, I am experiencing one problem:


      Actually everything works fine: The App Initialization, The User Login & Permission (establishing a session), ...

      BUT: Once i make the call for uploading a BitmapData, I do NEVER get ANY response / the handler does never get called:


      var values:Object = { message:'This photo was created by ProFileIzer', fileName:'filename', image:new BitmapData(50,50, false, 0xFF0000) };
      Facebook.api('/me/photos', handleUploadCompleted, values, 'POST');



      There is also a Flex sample provided, which I am not able to test, as I am using Flash... So if someone smart got any idea, or probably could test if the sample works...


      Sample #11: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/facebook/samples.html#13


      Thank you guys!