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    Export stops when exporting multiple video tracks sequence (RED)

    Willie_The_Wolf Level 1

      I'm working in a project directly with the *.R3D files, using 4.5k, 3k, and 2k video.

      After organizing them already edited and audio synched (embedding sequences) in sequences sorted by resolution, I dumped all of them in a 2K sequence that is the one I try to export.


      The problem is that the export will go fine (both, directly on premiere or in AME) until it reaches a part where there is overlapped video (for example a video with some kind of matte effect or any kind of matte that requires a split screen and overlapped video). In that moment, it stops rendering, but the lapsed time counter keeps running and the estimated time keeps going higher and higher.


      I tried different codecs, thinking that the problem might have been that but there was no luck. It has to do something with that overlapped video.

      I also left it rendering for a whole day thinking that it might be just a temporal thing, because of being a multiple video track and needing extra time for rendering, and that after going through that point it was going to start rendering again at a normal rate. Nothing.


      Anyone experiencing this?