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    Static distortion in AE?


           Hey everyone,

      As you can see, I have a question. I need to make/copy a certain effect into my AE project. I have already looked for in on google and in AE itself, but I am not able to find the thing I want.

      This could be because I am using the wrong words to describe it, so here's a short clip of what I need.


      You can see that distortion there.


      If anyone knows a way to make it, or a site where I can find how to make that, I would me most thankful.

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I can't see your example video due to restrictions on the network where I work, but "static distortion" sounds like something you could get by using a combination of noise and distortion effects in AE. There's an animation preset called Bad TV, try applying that and then messing with the parameters. You might also look  into plugins like Twitch from Video Copilot and Holomatrix from Red Giant Software

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            Nycrea Level 1

            Yea, I found that a lot, but it's not what I'm looking for, hard to explain, that's why I did my best to find a sample. Too bad you cannot view it. =\


            The video:

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              It very much uses the same techniques as the Bad TV stuff, but you will of course need to adapt it to your needs, in particular the timing and intensity to make it look "digital" instead of analog reception. Not sure what else to say about it. The only other thing visible is some random brightness shifts as the city map comes into view and that can easily be done by chopping app a duplicate of the layer using mask shapes and applying it with Add belknding mode and animated opacity...



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                Nycrea Level 1

                Helpful, but how do I do the shape distorts? Like, what you see it getting morphed and stuff, don't really know how to say it in the right words.

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                  bogiesan-gyyClL Level 3

                  Good effects require careful planning and execution. That clip represents three or more different filters applied to copes of the same footage and then incorporate into a single project. You map out the evolution you want the shot to take and then try to figure out how each stage in your evolution can be achieved. Then you experiment. Then you change your settings and try different filters. Then you try to build a sequence that looks something like what you think you want and then you put it away for a few days and then you come back and try new stuff.


                  There wasn't anything in that clip that can't be done with AE out of the box with a bit of invention and patience and thorough examination of the presets for BAD TV.


                  If you have some cash, you can purchase several television and video plugins. DigiEffects has VideoLook as part of Aurorix.



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                    Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                    Create the static/noise in its own composition. Judicious flashes of white bars/solids on occasional single frames will help.


                    Then, after adding the noise to your main comp,  try using your generated noise/static layer as a displacement map on the primary vision layer to add visual distortion.

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                      Nav Parker Level 1

                      This is an old trick I used in some film projects:


                      Snip out a frame of your layer using Split Layer. Take that one frame and apply Distort>Warp>Wave.


                      You can also take a frame over to Photoshop and apply Wind and/or Shear (and draw an "S" shape to warp)


                      To create the scan lines, create in Illutrator using a blend shape.


                      Or use an Adjustment Layer with Generate>Grid. Make the width as wide (or wider) than your layer. Move the origin to get rid of the center vertical line.

                      Use a border of 0.1~2.0, and adjust your height >1.0.   Use the opacity and blending mode to suit the look you want.