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    Adobe Reader X - AxAcroPDFLib control issue

    brad.thomas Level 1

      I'm running into a big of a problem.  I'm using the AxAcroPDFLib control in a Winform application, and Adobe changed things up in Reader X by not showing the Toolbar and Navbar by default.  I realize that the user can change their preferences by setting to show both, but I do not expect to ask my users to make that change.


      So, in my code, I'm trying to figuring out how to display that Navbar (the one with the binoculars for searching). I can display the toolbar by doing the following in my code:




      However, I'm having a hard time trying to find the property for the AxAcroPDFLib control to display that Navbar.  Does anyone know how I can programmatically set that to be shown?