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    Using Photoshop, Lr and Bridge in a workflow




      I wonder how we can use Lr, Bridge and Photoshop in a workflow.


      We are a group of photographers and designers in a networked workstations of PCs.


      Our workflow is as follows:


      1.            The photographers make the shooting sessions and save the images in a networked drives.

      2.            The designers don’t know where the family files are saved. They have to use our developed program called Muntaj to find the family files by entering the family session sequence number, and then our Muntaj program will load the images into Photoshop.

      3.            Same thing for the ones who print the images, they don’t know where the family images are saved; they have to use Muntaj to find and get the images loaded in Photoshop for print.


      So, again, how we can use Lr, Bridge and Photoshop in our existing workflow?


      Muntaj is a VB program developed to find and load images into photoshop.