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    Using FLVPlayer 2.5 with rtmp: source - won't play

    ethr Level 1

      Im trying to use the FLVPlayer component via FLVPlayback_2.5.swc. I have included this file in my /lib folder and it appears to be included and compiling. When I attempt to play a (known good) .FLV file from an RTMP: source it won't play.


      I have tried a variety of methods:


      1) <video:FLVPlayer > object added to a container at runtime

      2) FLVPlayer object created at run-time and added to panel or UIComponent


      I have tried using the 'source', 'load' and 'play' functions but I never see any events occurring. Setting 'autoplay' to true has no effect either.


      Im watching for anything on:







      examining the 'status' of the player object shows "loading" but never progresses from there.


      What am I doing wrong?