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    Authorware Refugee


      I have an extensive Authorware piece developed and have just downloaded a tial of FB4 to evaluate a conversion of this AW piece - so I am a complete newbie and would like some help.


      I have taken a typical interaction in the AW piece and tried to implement it. I observe that the most simple things in AW seem extraordinarily complex in FB4 . Though, I have suceeded in getting one basic button Q&A interaction working but cannot for the life of me get either the images to appear or swf movies working during run time test.


      I have created a file under libs in my project and have imported one jpeg ("Bubble.jpg") and one .swf into a folder "pictures" (libs/pictures). Using the image control I browse the project files and select "Bubble.jpg" for the source. The image appears on the desktop and all seems fine. But at run time the browser cant find the image or the movie using the videodisplay control.


      There must be something simple that I am missing - the documentation and tutorials seem useless - can anyone help?