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    Problem with Customization Wizard X re-opening a saved package

    KHemmelman Level 1

      I don't know that anyone can answer why this is occuring, but I guess I would like to know if anyone else has seen this, or can test it.


      I have the Customization Wizard X installed and create a custom installation for Reader X.  One of the options I selected under the 'Installation Options' was to "Make Reader the default PDF viewer".


      After making all the other settings, I saved the package and also generated the transform file.  Before exiting the program I look at all the options and settings I've made and they are all there just as expected.


      However, when I close Customization Wizard and then re-open that saved package & transform file, all of my options are set EXCEPT for the "Make Reader the default PDF viewer".  For this option, NEITHER option is selected.  (It shows that I haven't selected anything for the default viewer option.)


      So now of course I'm wondering if this package is actually using the setting I told it to use?  Because when you re-open a previously saved package/transform, ALL of your settings should be set the way they were when you created them and saved them, but it is showing me that nothing is selected for the default viewer option, even though I specifically set it.


      Can anyone else comment on this or can you create a quick package for Reader X and check if you encounter that same behavior?




      EDIT: Forgot to mention if I select the option for "Installer will decide which product will be the default" and then save the package and re-open it, it DOES remember this setting and it shows this item selected the next time I open the package.  It is only a problem when I select to make the Reader the default that it does not remember this setting when re-opening that package.