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    My movie clip automatically remove its sibling

      I am a newbie in Flash MX and facing a very irritating problem. Hope someone can help me to deal with it.

      I have 3 movie clips named A, B, C. Each movie clip can duplicate itself using the following code:
      on (release) {
      duplicateMovieClip("/A", A + i, i);
      i = i + 1;
      where each movie clip has their own sets of code such as
      on (release){
      duplicatMovieClip("/B", B + j, j);
      j = j + 1;

      However, when I try the movie, the following problem arises:
      I click A -> A duplicated. Then I click B -> B duplicated but A is removed. Then I click C -> C duplicated but B is removed. Then I click A -> A duplicated and C remains. Then I click B -> B duplicated but A is removed and C remains.

      I sincerely seeking advices from experts around here to help me to solve this problem. Is this a common problem for Flash or I have bugs?

      Thank you for your advice in advance.