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    Animation problems with datagrid, button, and states


      I am trying to play an animation during a transition between two states. The first state has an advanced datagrid taking up the majority of the screen, while the 2nd state has the same datagrid taking up a smaller portion of the screen, a couple of line charts, sliders, and a custom popup button. Here's my transition code:

              <s:Transition fromState="State1" toState="State2">
                  <s:Sequence >
                      <s:Resize target="{adgMyGrid}" heightTo="180"/>
                      <s:Parallel targets="{[pubpMyCustomPopupButton,legLegend1,lcChart1,hsSlider1,hsSlider2,lcChart2,legHi story]}">
                          <s:AddAction targets="{[pubpMyCustomPopupButton,legLegend1,lcChart1,hsSlider1,hsSlider2,lcChart2,legHi story]}"/>
                          <s:Move target="{lcChart1}" yFrom="1000"/>
                          <s:Move target="{legLegend1}" xFrom="-100" />
                          <s:Move target="{lcChart2}"/>
                          <s:Move target="{legHistory}"/>
                          <s:Move target="{hsSlider1}" xFrom="-200"/>
                          <s:Move target="{hsSlider2}" xFrom="-200"/>
                          <s:Move target="{pubpMyCustomPopupButton}" yFrom="-100"/>


      I have a couple of issues:

      1. The datagrid resizes after many of the other elements have been placed.
      2. The pubpMyCustomPopupButton appears, then animates.


      I thought doing the addaction would do away with the component appearing first, then animating. What am I doing wrong?