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    spark BitmapImage - update source




      I've problem with update source attribute in <s:BitmapImage />


      In my model i use



      public var  dataModel.sourceBMP:Bitmap;  


      my component looks like

      <s:BitmapImage id="img" source={dataModel.sourceBMP}/>

      then next in some controller I rotate -  dataModel.sourceBMP;

      But I don't see result (rotated image).


      I try do something like this for testing

      img.source = null;

      img.source = dataModel.sourceBMP


      and now I see that dataModel.surceBMP is rotated !!!


      When I used mx component  <mx:Image source={dataModel.sourceBMP}/> I had no problem this component source autoupdating self.



      Maybe there is some property  in spark BitmapImage which i should setup?