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    How do I maintain editability on imported graphics from Photoshop?

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      I'm having a hard time figuring out the best way to import graphics from Photoshop. I tried importing a psd for an arrow shape into Flash CS5. The imported image looks good. But when I right click on the imported image and choose 'Edit with Photoshop', it's just a flattened version. Is there another way of importing that keeps the editability of the original psd?

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          I have done a ton of importing from PS to Flash and in every instance I have had to edit my image from the original and re-import it into Flash then swap the bitmap.  The reason I think is in the image construction in Flash.  In order to show the layer as an object in Flash the image must be converted to a flattened png or jpg (I am unsure which but I think its a png).  Check to see if your arrow is being converted to a _grc file in the Flash library, if so you may be able to use the Edit with Photoshop command by drilling down into the _grc and then right clicking the original png file.


          Another solution that I use a great deal is the practice of making everything possible into vector based artworks.  Usually the vector based shape, line drawing, text, or whatever maintains it's editability in the native Flash controls but if not can be edited in PS more precisely.


          Also, if the layer has any styles assigned to it (Drop Shadow, Inner Shadow, ect.) then the layer must be rasterized before Flash will accept it.  Remember the original code for this program was written by another company, Macromedia, and they have enough of a different way of creating the style effects that they are not as transferable as they would be between Illustrator and Photoshop and/or AfterEffects.  In order for the effects to remain intact after the import into Flash they need to be processed.


          Hope this helps,