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    New Flash Player release opens videos slow and jumpy. Need to put on pause and wait to play.


      Since the new release for Flash Player, it takes forever to open a video on Youtube, CNN, FOX .

      The video will play a little, then do some buffering and then play a little more.

      The only way I can actually watch a video is to put it on pause and let it load fully and then play.

      This takes a long time and not worth the effort unless it is something I really want to watch.

      It does it for both my desktop computer with XP and my new laptop with Windows 7.

      I have spent days reviewing this forum and trying all your suggestions.

      Both computers worked great before this new Flash Player release.

      Any new suggestions that haven't already been on this forum because I really miss my videos?

      Hope they do a new release that will take care of all the problems that I have been reading about.