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    Simple swf/flv question

    Cuwen Level 1

      I can't believe I've spent hours on this and still cannot find an answer on Google.  I'm hoping someone on here can provide a quick answer.


      I have a Flash and swf file right now.  I want to be able to play that file in another Flash file I'm making, the main Flash document.  However, Flash CS4 cannot import other swf files.... for some unknown reason, and play it like a movie clip.  I want it to play like a movie clip, which apparently can only be accomplished by using a flv file.


      Shouldn't I be able to make my swf or flash file into a flv file?  I mean, Flash can read flv files, so why can't I export or convert to a flv file?  I'm looking for free converters, but I have the Media Encoder that comes with Flash CS4.  I just can't import swf or flash files!!  It can only make those files, it can't bring them into Media Encoder.


      Anyone have any suggestions?