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    Render WMV: Why 1st time worked, 2nd time didn't work?

    maple2009 Level 1

      Hi, there


      I'm using After Effects CS4 to edit a simple video: A background image; a video with the background removed with Keylight 1.2; a few text lines appearing one after another, and a text background.


      I tried exporting it as WMV. The first time it worked. However, when I exported another similiar movie with the same export setting, it could not play in Windows Media Player. I tried different export settings, e.g. VBR vs CBR. They did not work either. However, when I export them as FLV, all of them worked.


      Any idea what caused this? Is there a tutorial on the regular export settings for Windows Media Video in AE CS4?


      Thanks a lot for the help!