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    ACR settings prior to merging

    paul_48 Level 1

      I've recently started to use CS5 Photomerge for panoramas, focus stacking and some HDR.  I'm interested in learning the recommend ACR workflow prior to doing the photomerge.   I shoot with the camera (5DII) set to UniWB to assure reliable histograms as I expose to the right. My searches have led me to the following ACR workflow and settings:

      - Reset CR defaults to 0 for Recovery, Fill Light, Blacks, Brightness, Contrast,  Sharpening amount, Noise Reduction and a linear tone curve.

      - From Bridge open all images to be merged in CR.  Select All.

      - Set White Balance as desired. (Since the camera is set to UniWB when I open the image in ACR, Temp and Tint are at the minimum.)

      - Set Exposure as desired and 'Done'. 

      - At this point, from the bridge: Tools>Photoshop>Photomerge or Merge to HDR Pro. Save the merged file as TIFF.

      - I then use ACR controls on this file (and later CS5 as/if needed).

      Questions: Is this the recommended workflow prior to merge?  Is the TIFF file I've saved after the merge a "scene referred" file?