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    A quicker way to arrange several bitmaps

    josephmcarney Level 1

      I want to know if there is a faster way to take several bitmaps and arrange them one after another in a single layer in a movie clip.

      This is how I am doing it currently.


      Stage 1: Import the bitmaps to the stage

      Stage 2: Distribute the bitmaps to layers

      Stage 3: Make the first bitmap a movie clip symbol and cut the other bitmaps' frames

      Stage 4: Go into the symbol, create a new layer, and paste the frames.

      Stage 5: Click and drag the other frames into one layer, one after the other.


      I now have a single movie clip with all my bitmaps ordered one after the other in the timeline.  You could probably see how this can be a very tedious process with 50 or 60 bitmaps to do this to.

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          if your bitmaps are named in a sequence you can import them to a timeline and flash will distribute them each in one frame sequentially on the timeline.


          otherwise, create a movieclip, import them all the stage, distribute to layers and then click on the 2nd to topmost layer frame and then mousedown and drag to frame 2, click on the 3rd layer and mousedown and drag to frame 3 etc.

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            josephmcarney Level 1

            Perfect.  The way to do it is to import to the stage the first bitmap in the sequence, and then flash will ask it you want to import the rest of the sequence.  After clicking yes Flash imports the rest of the bitmaps sequentially in the timeline.  Thank you!