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    Change submit email address based on information in a form field

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      I have pdf form made in livecycle which has a button that I have made as a submit button.  Unfortunately who the form is to be submitted to is decided by who there employer is so to get around this I have written mailto: in the submit section but left it blank.  When selected the completed form is attached to an e-mail and the To: address is blank.  I can live with this but reading many articles on this it appears there is a way to make the form work they way I would like it to.


      So...I'm wondering if anyone has any examples or ideas how to the following (I've also added a few other items not discussed above).


      1. A user picks a name from a drop down list then hits the button that causes the form to be attached to an e-mail.  The To: email address is that of the whoever was selected in the drop down list.


      2. The subject line is changed to something simple but custom to myself (ie. CS Vac Entitlement Form)


      3. The body of the e-mail is custom.


      Any help provided is appreciated.