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    SaveAs - Different behavior in Adobe Plugin and Reader.




      I am facing different behavior between Adobe plugin and Adobe Reader.


      Using Adobe Reader plugin version 10.0, the PDF is served by a servlet. The file is displayed in iFrame. The problem is when I try to save the file from the browser, the FileName prompted is the servlet name.


      e.g http://myurl/myservlet?param1=value1&..., the SaveAs prompts the file name myservlet.


      However, when I disable the plugin in the browser(using Firefox), and access the url again, the browser prompts for Adobe Reader as viewer, file opens in Reader and a click on Save/As prompts the correct file name, not the servlet name.


      Why the difference? What do I need to add/change to the url or file returned to make the plugin prompt for the correct file name?


      Thank you.