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    Multi-Line Stack Charting


      I am trying to develop a stacked line chart but do not see any example of plotting data coming from 2 datasets within a same table. Most examples are about the data coming from a table with 2 different columns such as data under 3 fields Date, Profit, Expense.


      But, I would like to plot data about 2 groups in the same table showing with 2 lines. My data is listed in 3 columns, Name, Date and Value. Let's say, first 10 records are about one Name and the next 20 records are about 2nd Name. I would like to see 2 lines representing data for both Names with 2 different colord lines. Sample data example is listed below


      NAME          Date             Value

      AAA             10/20/2006    203

      AAA             11/15/2006    506



      BBB             10/10/2006    105

      BBB              10/15/2006   201




      The graph should have 2 lines, one for AAA and the other for BBB.


      If anyone has done a graph similar to the one I am looking for, please respond.