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    "Media offline" - when it's not, and presets missing!


      I'm working on a project in PP CS5 (Mac) which has footage from a Canon DSLR and a AVCHD camera. I opened it and all of the AVCHD footage is shown as "media offline" even though the .MTS files are all in the same place as they were when I was previously working with those files. PP won't let me relink to the files because it says the files are not a compatible file type - which is ridiculous seeing as I've been working with those source files just recently. The files are stored in a folder on my desktop, not on an external drive.


      In addition to this, it looks like some of my sequence presets are missing - the DSLR presets seem to be non-existant! This is not good! Has an adobe update gone wrong?!


      Any suggestions as to what's causing this, and a solution? Thanks!