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    DataServiceTransaction multi-threading



      We use LCDS.

      We are facing a blocking problem.


      On the server-side we have a collection of objects that need to be synchronized with the client. For this we use LCDS Datamanagement.

      This collection is updated with a separate thread. An event is sent on each update.

      The problem is that when we use:


            DataServiceTransaction dtx = DataServiceTransaction.begin(false);

            dtx.updateItem("Quotes", newQuote, lastQuote, null);



      We receive a null pointer error because FlexContext.getFlexClient() returns null and so it cannot retrieve the collection that is stored in the FlexClient.


      The problem seems to come from the fact that we use a multi-threaded environment, but we cannot change this.

      Is there a pattern or a specific way to use DataServiceTransaction?