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    Can't export flash to video(mov)

    Xaxis71 Level 1

      I have the PC version of Macromedia Flash MX, and have a problem, that I had while back...that is, I can't export project done in Flash MX to video (mov format). It just says Quicktime does have a handler for it. I tried lowering the flash part to Flash 5, but still same results. For a feature that was built in as an option, I sure can't use it. How am I to save my flashes as a movie file?



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          Hi, if your fla has an actions layer or any action script... remove it all. Your export to QT will work.

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            Xaxis71 Level 1

            How do you know if you have any action scripts? The movie is old, and only script I know was the play/preloader scene and the scene that asks if you want to replay. The one scene with the movie has no actioscript that I'm aware of...so I deleted the preloader and replay scenes, and tried again, and it still says my installed version of Quicktime does not have a handler for this type of Macromedia flash movie...and I have the flash export to flash player 5, which I read from another thread. I'm looking through the movie to see if I missed any action script.




            I just imported the movie, of just the movie, minus the replay and preloader, into a new movie, and re-added the audio and synced it up, and had it at flash player 5, and still gave me the same error message, and I never adde any action scripts to it.

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              jasonjam Level 1

              You may have AS attached to some keyframes throughout your movie. I haven't used Flash MX in a number of years. If your in a bind and need this as a QT you can also try a screen recorder like Camtasia.



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                Xaxis71 Level 1

                That's what I'm not sure of. As a test, I did a simple movie, each frame, I had a circle moved to a different spit...never made it an object, or added an action script to it...just a circle in a slight moved spot each keyframe. And with it set to flash player 5, it still gave me that error I mentioned, and I know there was no actions cript added, as I said, just 5 frames of a circle advancing ahead abit.


                I'll try that link...but it's pretty lame to have a feature to do something, that won't do it, no matter what you do to try to please it. I have been looking up solutions for it, and everyone doesn't seem to work for me. I just don't get why it won't. I can understand the actionscript part, but why won't it work when I make a fbf animation with no actions attached to it.


                Sorry, not mad at you, just been frustrating me for years that I can't save anything I do as a video file.

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                  jasonjam Level 1

                  No worries.. I've felt your pain. I had the same issues in the past and I found deleting the AS did the trick. I know Adobe hasn't put any new development into the QT export for some time now. In other words it has it's fair share of bugs.

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                    Xaxis71 Level 1

                    Well. I don't understand why it still don't publish as a video on a flash that I created as a test, that definately has no Action scripting.


                    Also, just tried that program you linked me...it wouldn't let me import any flash files, saying they weren't the right kind of swf.


                    I often wonder if technology just exists to never work for me. Everything I get often never works as it's supposed to, even if I follow the exact steps to do it right.


                    I dunno what to do now...this just sucks in this day and age of technology, I still can't do something as simple as this, that others do so often.

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                      jasonjam Level 1

                      You don't import files into Camtasia... it's a screen recorder. Export your swf and record it through Camtasia.

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                        Xaxis71 Level 1

                        Ooooh...ok...just gotta figure it out then. Just was expecting a convertor of sorts.