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    Experiencing Adobe Audition for Mac And Some Observations To Be Considered




      I had the chance to download Adobe Audition for Mac this past Monday and I wanted to use it to the fullness so I can give you what I think it might help Adobe Labs better direction on improving this Product.


      First, the performance is really outstanding i have to say. I have a Mac Book Pro with an Mbox 1, a Mac Pro  with a Digi 003, and an iMac with a Fast Track Pro, and in all computers I have to say they work amazingly great in performance...


      I'm a music producer and for making music I use Pro Tools, but I also work in the Radio Industry, and I've been using Audition for more than 10 years even when it was named Cool Edit Pro (CEP).


      On Radio Imaging one of the factors that made Audition(CEP in that time) a very effective tool because of the speed of accessing the audio files, editing, inserting it in the multi rack and mixing it ready to be broadcasted in a very fast time. And based on this use I will do the review.


      1- For a Start, Audition for Mac doesn't open previous sessions of Au.


      2- When opening an audio file, the open window doesn't give the chance to multi file-formats and the audio preview to listen it before opening.

      That's a Au Must


      3- On the Waveform & Multitrack windows I can't set the scroll options so when i stop it the scroll bar goes where I left it... (A must for quick editing)


      4- In the Transport, the <Play From Cursor To The End> Button is Missing... Strongly a must for quick Editing


      5- I have to consider this detail a totally a turn down when I experienced it.

           On previous versions of Au it was so simple to jump from the Waveform to Multitrack window, insert the audio files on the MT, edit and mix it and save the session if you want it or not, and that was it, end of story...

      Au for Mac when you jump into the multitrack window it ask to save the session file before using it. I felt like being held on a usually a software builded for speed. That's a Major Turn Down for Au for Mac.

      Feeling that I'm  being held to do few steps before jumping to the multitrack is a big Turn off...


      6- On the Multitrack, the Clip Duplicate, Clip Crossfade <Linear, Sinusoidal, Logarithmic In/Out> and Clip Grouping

      (I'm missing that - A really must on Au)


      7- One of the features that made Au very user friendly is the Keyboard Shortcut option. Anybody can set the keyboard at their taste for using the software.

      In my personal taste i set the keyboard shortcut option same as Pro tools because i use PT a lot for music production and t makes Au so easy to use it.

      Why i say this?

      Because the KeyShortcut for Moving CTI to beginning in Pro Tools is the <ENTER> key, and Only in Au For Mac I can't set it because when I hit <ENTER> i like clicking the OK Button. Didn't have problems with previous versions...


      8- On the Waveform window, the Generate Option in the Menu <Silence, DTMF Signals, Noise, Tones> (Another Must for Au For Mac)



      If I see other details that can help Adobe Labs to make Au For Mac better. I'll keep posting.


      I Strongly hope all those details can be corrected on the full version.






      Music Producer & Recording Engineer
      IBN Music

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          _colin_ Adobe Employee

          Thank you for the detailed notes they are very helpful.


          As an aside, on Mac's you can preview a file in the file open dialog. Mac's have a built in capability for this if using the right view setting. It will preview anything (video/audio/etc) that's supported on that Mac while still in the open dialog.





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            _durin_ Adobe Employee

            Thanks for the feedback.  Let me answer some of the questions or comments as some options may have changed or moved.


            1. Since this is a complete, cross-platform rewrite, many features have yet to be developed and implemented.  This limits the extent to which a legacy session can be imported - many items are missing or there exists no 1:1 comparable parameters.  While Audition 4 will import Audition 3 XML sessions with limitations based on the current feature set, older sessions are not yet supported.  We are looking at methods to ease this transition for users, and hope to be able to announce something before launch.


            2.  OS X and Windows Vista/7 both offer the ability to preview media files from within the File Open dialog.  While we have features in the backlog to implement the audio preview capabilities from older version of Audition, it is a pretty simple matter right now to press SPACE with a file selected in the open dialog to preview it.


            3. Enable Preferences > Playback > Return CTI to start position on stop.  (Or right-click the Play button in the transport controls) This should invoke the behavior you're used to.


            4.  This, and other static playback options, have not yet been implemented but are in our feature backlog.


            5.  The need to write to a folder when creating a new multitrack session is a change, but was necessary to implement some of the robustness of new behaviors.  I suspect like many of us, the default "Untitled Session 1" will be overwritten many, many times for those quick one-off MT sessions where we don't need to archive the session.


            6.  Clip Duplicate and Clip Crossfade are both implemented, but Clip Grouping is not available yet.  Option+Drag to duplicate a clip and simply overlap two clips to create a crossfade.  Right-click on the clip fade handles to adjust options for fade curve and style.


            7.  SPACE, ESC, and ENTER are reserved keys.  There has been discussion about the necessity for this, at least for ESC, though I don't know the current status of those discussions.  I'll look into it.


            8.  The Generate tools and some of the pitch and stereo field effects have not yet been implemented, but do remain high on the priority list and have moved higher on that list based on feedback from other public beta users. 


            Thanks for the feedback, and please understand that just because a feature isn't available in Audition 4 doesn't mean it's been dropped forever.  This has been a significant undertaking for a small engineering team to tackle rewriting a 15+ year old application.  With such a wide spectrum of users, anything that got left out is bound to affect someone.  We spent a lot of planning time meeting with companies and individual users, as well as our private pre-release testing team, to try to find a balance between what we could complete within the corporate timetable and what they wanted and needed from Audition.  I hope that if you find Audition 4 lacks specific tools that would prevent you from using it, that you'll let us know what those are and give us a chance in the future when we've implemented them again.

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              ibnmusic Level 1

              Hi Colin,

              Thanks for your comment...

              That detail you post about the preview option for mac..


              As a mac user for so many years, I know that detail very well, very good for drag & drop into any Audio/Video Software.


              I'm making comparison between Au for Mac with previous versions and other competitive DAW Softwares that has this option to preview the audio file in the open window before opening it.


              Thanks again.

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                ibnmusic Level 1



                Thanks for an amazing explanation of my observations posted. i'd like to comment in some of them to see how can we help to make Au for mac a very competitive Software.


                1- That would be good news for those who have lots of sessions in constant reviews and wouldn't be a headache to re-make that session. In my case I had to remake those sessions in order to keep my day to day work updating daily, and of course using Au for Mac.


                2- Already commented about it in a previous reply.


                3- Thank you!!!


                4- I hope...


                5- I'd like to understand a bit more how creating a session is necessary, how does it helps. Doing those steps before entering to the multitrack window is like a stop and jump the wall to continue the race... in my case stops the rhythm of a software builded for speed creating.


                6- Well, I can live with that....


                7- This is a matter to consider because this minimum detail can make Au for Mac kind of behind other softwares who has key shortcuts option and you assign any button you want. After all as a user, is your choice to customize the way you feel comfortable. This should be taken with tweezers.


                8- Very very important.


                Thanks for your reply! and count on that!

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                  Hi All

                  Obviously coming a bit late to the discussion but certainly want the opportunity to add my comments. Especially since I agree so much with what IBN has to say.


                  1st of all I was thrilled that Adobe Audtion is finally being created for Mac. I have been a long time user of Cool Edit Pro and in fact I struggled a long time with the idea of switching to MAC because of CEP. (Embarrassingly enough I hold on to an old XP machine because I simply cannot let go of CEP.)


                  A little bit about my background so you know where I am coming from. I am a sound and light designer for the theater and have a radio production background, mostly radio plays. Recently I have added educator to my resume and teach lighting and sound design for the theater and have implemented radio plays and production to the curriculum. Recently I commented in my sound design class about how I was frustrated that my favorite piece of sound editing software was not available for MAC Low and behold a student spoke up and mentioned it was in Beta! I immediately downloaded it!(I happened to be demonstrating software that day and downloaded it while teaching, that's how excited I was) Enough about me let me get to the meat of the discussion!


                  After using AU for MAC I have become even more excited. I am thrilled that now I will be able to do speedy editing on my MAC.

                  I do however have the same concerns about the need to ask for a file name when switching to multi-track view. It really is like hitting a brick wall after feeling like you are in such a groove. Especially when working on a show it's great to be able to create new sound cues quickly while in technical rehearsals when you only have an allotted amount of time dedicated to all th technical elements of a show.


                  4- In the Transport, the <Play From Cursor To The End> Button is Missing... Strongly a must for quick Editing

                  I strongly agree with the above comment. In addition it seems in general scrolling through audio files is difficult. It seemed in CEP I could grab the play back curser and easily scroll to any section of the audio file. For me this is an absolute must to navigate through the audio file for quick editing.


                  I will be putting AU to the real test very soon since I have decided to do an entire show with AU  to try and learn all the features so that I may better post. That being said I have found one detail missing, I think. I may just have not found it yet.


                  Since I tend to use a lot of sound fx from Hollywood fx cd's etc. I really like the extract audio from cd function. Am I missing it somewhere? Will it not be included? I believe it was included in other versions of AU.


                  I think this post is long enough, I look forward to getting my hands truly dirty with AU!

                  Thanks for a great product!



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                    I completely agree regarding 5.


                    It's an unnecessary step and is a show stopper. You could create temp files/folders within the Audition folder and IF the user decides to save the project then those files/folders can be moved and renamed according to the users specification. Or deleted when quitting the app.