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    Livecycle form output to xml


      Hi. I'm fairly new to Livecycle (running Livecycle 8.0) and have created a pdf

      form for users to fill out here at work. They would fill out the form and would print and file the form. I want to extract the data to an xml file for importing into a system we have. I have created a data connection using a sample xml file and all works well except for checkboxes. My form has a large number of checkboxes for the users to select items from. Those items would be bound to a field in the xml data. However, I'm finding that when I test the form, I can't seem to select more than 1 checkbox. If I select one, then the next, the 2nd clears the first. This only happens when it's bound to the xml. With no binding, the checkboxes work as expected. I'm at a total loss here.Any help would be appreciated.