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    Adobe PDF Viewer X in Safari 5 not displaying documents protected by HTTP Authentication


      I have the latest Adobe Reader X release (10.0.0) for Mac OS X 10.6 in Safari 5.0.3. The PDF Viewer is unable to display files hosted on directories protected by HTTP Authentication. The progress bar keeps spinning forever.


      I've tried it on several Macs and various Apache web servers, with both Basic and Digest Authentification.


      Adobe PDF Viewer running on Mac OS X 10.5 doesn't have this problem. Adobe PDF Viewer X running on Windows XP with Safari 5 doesn't either. So it is specific to the latest release for Mac OS X 10.6.


      Any idea for a fix? I can't revert to a previous version of Reader since the older plug-in doesn't run in 64-bit Safari (the default on Snow Leopard) - please don't tell me to force Safari to run in 32-bit mode.


      Is it at least a known bug that will be fixed soon?