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    Codec error window, please help!

    martoula88 Level 1

      Hey there! I'm trying to import several videos in Premiere Pro CS5 to edit them, but I can't even get them in. An error message pops up: "the codec is missing or it does not exist" (this is a translation, I don't know if it's exact). So, I checked the codec, and it's Integer Little Endian. The videos are HDV 720p25. I checked the project settings were right, and they are. I searched all over google but really couldn't find an answer... not even the way to install the codec so Premiere recognizes the videos. What can I do?? Is there any solution that avoids converting the videos????

      Thanks in advace ^^

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Are you on a Mac, or PC? If PC, download and install the great utility, G-SPOT, and Open one of those files in it. Post a screen-cap of the G-Spot screen. That will tell you all about the CODEC.


          If on a Mac (works on a PC too), MediaInfo will give you the same info. I just find G-Spot to be the better of the two, but it's not ported for the Mac, yet.


          With THAT data, someone will be able to point you to the right CODEC. Also, see this ARTICLE for some background on CODEC's in general.


          Here is a look at the G-Spot GUI:


          Good luck,