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    AF render & output question


      I'm doing my intro in AF, multiple layers, footage, text, camera , 3d and all other. This clip is 30sec. all settings are best since I combine these with my full HD camcorder footage. The rendered clip comes out to 13.9gb while in Vegas after render (and keeping best settings) it's around 125Mb. I understand the compression is different, one of my issues is I have an external SSD that I want to use for footage and render to stay away from main drive, but with 13sec clip at 14Gb and footage with effects going on 50Gb is beyond the SSD capacity (since it's an 80Gb that's split for footage and renders).

      I guess I need some help with settings? I'm using CS5

      P.S. How do I increase decrease work area footage time (other than initial new project) especially with open composition?