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    Mouse Cursor action.

    Dz(00) Level 1
      Hi guys, does anyone know how to decrease the speed of a mouse cursor on rollover of a specific area, Been trying to create the illusion of slowmotion without any real success, any help would be greatly appreciated.


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          2m Level 2
          as mouse-speed is an OS-setting you can't manipulate with Flash ther is no easy way.

          You could try to simulate the effect, by hiding the Pointer onRolllOver and place a clip that looks like a pointer (OSX and Win cursors look slightly differen!) at the hidden mouse position minus some decreasing value.

          A little trigonometry would be invovled, and when ever you have to switch back to the normal mouse functions a jump will occur, as you cannot manipulate the "real" mouse position.
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            Dz(00) Level 1
            Thanks for the prompt reply you've saved me some unwanted stress.

            Much appreciated.
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              2m Level 2
              You're wellcome!
              One thing though, could you please mark the topic as solved, that helps others scanning the forum, trying to help to save time.