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    Encoding h.264 Yields Video with Reordered Frames

    Cameron O'Rourke

      I am consistently getting bad h.264 encodes using either Media Encoder or Premiere CS5. My source material is either h.264 (from a Canon 7D) or the same material transcoded to ProRes 422.


      Whether I attempt to encode straight from Premere, or attempt to encode a ProRes file in Media Encoder, or any other combination, I get output video with a strange stutter effect.


      Here is a sample: (About 16MB)



      One set of settings that does this is: H.264 / Custom / 640x360, 23.976, Main, 3.1, VBR 2 Pass -- although I've encountered this problem no matter what present/custom settings I use.


      If I encode the same source using Apple Compressor, no problems -- that is my current workaround.


      Any ideas?