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    A Flash and Dreamweaver problem


      Okay, There is something that I don't quite understand. I built a flash  contact form in Flash CS4 and embedded the swf in my webpage using  Dreamweaver CS4. I upload the files in my server but why it's not  working? I created a test folder in my folder and it does work...

      (It doesn't work here)

      (But it works here)



      The problem is that I'm not receiving the information when the user enters the information on the contact form. I do receive the information on the test link.



      What am i doing wrong? thanks in advanced

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Without knowing what about the forms is not working, the best I can offer is that you should stick with the embedding code that works.  You are using two different versions, and if the one that works was generated using Flash, it is the more reliable version to use.  I avoid using anything but Flash to create the embedding code.

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            atlnycdude24 Level 1

            It's the same version of the form. I created the test page to test the form without being embedded on the site. SO I have no idea why it's not working when it's embedding within the site. Do I have to have certain parameters set up in the dreamweaver code?