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    How can I have my app create components for all states on startup?

    JoshBeall Level 1

      Hi All,


      I've got an application with 8 different states.  When the user moves from one state to the next for the first time, there's a brief (but perceptible) delay while the Flash Player sets up everything on the next view (state).  I would like to see what the increased load time looked like--it may be preferable to have slightly longer load time in order to get "snappier" performance once inside the app.


      I initially thought I could set creationPolicy to "all" and then everything would get created immediately, when the app first loads.  But that's not working--no change in behavior, and when I inspect objects that on any view besides the first one, they are all null. I have to first change to the state where that component is hosted, and then component is initialized and available.


      I read elsewhere that I could use itemCreationPolicy, but that is not a property on the application object... do I need to apply that somewhere else?


      I'm on Flex 4.0.