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      I'm new to Kuler. I read about this site in "the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Book" and in the MacLife magazine.
      I have downloaded a selection - .ase file.
      Where do I install this in Lightroom to have access to its use in my WEB area of LR?
      a newbie...
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          Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
          Hi, welcome to kuler!

          To clarify, the .ASE files can be imported into Creative Suite 3 components such as Photoshop (alas, not Photoshop Lightroom, which isn't part of the suites). I did, however, pass along your request to the Lightroom team to let them know there is interest.

          If you'd like to get the hex values to use in Lightroom, download the AIR runtime and the kuler AIR desktop from Adobe Labs. The desktop allows you to view feeds and search the kuler database, and cut and paste hex values.

          If you or someone else reading this has Adobe Photoshop CS3: Open the Swatches palette, go to Load Swatches, and navigate to the.ase file. Open the .ase file and the colors should appear in the Swatches palette. IPreview swatches in Bridge CS3.

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            gr1014 Level 1
            Last weekend, I did import the swatches into PS3, then determined the hex numbers and used that information in LR to create a custom colored web page. It's probably the long 'work around,' but it did work. THANKS for the reply.
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              I was about to post this as a question too (Thanks Search)

              I also think it would be fantastic to be able to work kuler into the print section of lightroom

              AFAIK we can currently only print photos surrounded by white
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                Hi Sami,
                more than one year has passed since your forwarding the question about using themes to Lightroom team.
                Are there any good news? Is Lightroom 2 able to use the .ase files directly?
                All I do so far is just following this ckecklist:

                1) Go to kuler.adobe.com. Start searching through the website for color combinations you like. You can create your own or just click on Most Popular to see some good ideas.

                2) Once you find the one you like click on it to select it. Then you’ll see 3 small icons under it. Click on the rightmost icon (the sliders) to make changes to the color settings.

                3) Instead of changing the colors, just read the RGB color values for each color and write them down.

                4) Go into Lightroom’s Web module. Scroll down to the Color Palette panel on the right.

                5) Click on the Background, Cells, Rollover, Grid Lines, and Text color swatches and enter in the color values you took from Kuler.

                Best regards,