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    Audio Mixer does not work for parts of a video/track




      This is with Premier Elements 9.


      I loaded a larger MPEG video, cut out the sections that I did not wanted anymore (which made the whole video about 50% shorter) and added a MP3 files as Audio 2.

      I then started to adjust the volume with Audio Mixer. I noticed that for some sections of my video, Audio Mixer works and for others it doesn't.

      For the video sections in question, I can manually add keyframes and adjust the volume, but not with Audi Mixer.


      I compared the different parts of my video and Audio 1 to see if there where different settings, but could not see a difference.


      I have worked on some other videos in a similar fashion and it worked fine, other don't.


      So manual adjustment always works, but Audio Mixer seems to randomly not work for certain portions of a video.



      Any feedback is appreciated.

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          nealeh Level 5

          So Audio_1 is fine? Your only issue is with the MP3 on Audio_2?


          If this is the case use the freeware Audacity: Free Audio Editor and Recorder to convert the MP3 to 48kHZ 16-bit WAV. Don't worry about the apparent complexity of Audacity. For this simple job just drag your MP3 to the Audacity window then immediately select File> Save. Audacity's default is perfect for PRE.


          Once converted, drag the new file to Audio_2 and all should be fine.


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            As Audio Mixer adds Track Keyframes to "automate" the adjustments in that Audio Track (regardless of the Clips on that Track, or how they might be later altered, or changed), it sounds like something is stopping Audio Mixer from placing those Track Keyframes onto that Audio Track.


            In the Audio Track Header, you should be able to toggle the Keyframe View to Track Keyframes. There should be lots of them. Do you see anything different there? Note: I find that the default frequency of Track Keyframe generation to be a bit too often, so have adjusted that down to a more "manageable" frequency.


            Am I correct that this behavior is only in the Audio that is muxed with your AV files, or is it happening in other Audio Tracks, like your music, as well?


            Also, is your WAB (Work Area Bar) covering the entire Timeline? For a quick reset, you can hit the \ (Backslash key), and then Dbl-click the little square in the middle of the WAB. Note: some have reported a glitch in this instant reset in PrE 9, where the WAB will not reset in that manner. You can still grab the handles of the WAB and drag one to the head of the Timeline, and the other to the end. The WAB might be getting in the way?


            Good luck,



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              berstran Level 1

              Hello Bill,


              Thanks for your reply. In the mean time, I figured that this not related to the Audio Mixer as I could narrow this down to something simpler.

              Again, I have a Video 1 and Audio 1 track which I split into multiple clips to cut out the unwanted pieces.

              For some of these clips in Audio 1, this issue applies - and it works fine for other clips in Audio 1.

              My whole video is cut into about 12 clips.


              So I did the following:

              - selected a clip in the Video1/Audio1 track and click on "Show Porperties" , then click on Volume

              - made sure Toggle Animation is turned on (keyframe button appears)

              - start to play the video and while playing, adjust the audio levels in the properties window.

              - once I stop doing this,  keyframes have been added to Audio 1 and appear in the timeline.


              ==> This does not work for some of the other clips on the same Audio1 track.


              So it seems to be related that while the clip is playing and the audio is adjusted, keyframes or not always added (via audio properties window or audio mixer)


              Manually creating keyframes and adjusting the volume all works fine.


              Very strange that within the same Audio 1 track, some of the clips work fine, others don't.


              Any more ideas ?  :-)


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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Very strange behavior. I have never seen Track Keyframes (added/adjusted via the Audio Mixer) fail to work on the Track, regardless of the Clips on that Track.


                Since all Audio has been Conformed (production of CFA and PEK files), it should all be 32-bit floating-point, so should behave the exact same.


                The only thing that I can think of is that during Import, the Conforming was not allowed to complete for a few of the files. However, this almost always leads to issues with the Audio's playback too, and you are not experiencing any issues there - correct?


                Otherwise, I am at a total loss to explain what you are encountering. Maybe another user will have some idea as to WHY?


                Basically, what you are seeing is the area of the Audio Track, with certain Clips, getting Track Keyframes, a desired, and then when the CTI reaches certain Clips, it stops placing Track Keyframes for those, and then starts back up again, with other Clips on that Track. Can you think of any differences between the Clips, where things work and where they do not?


                Thanks for reporting, and good luck,



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Here is a very similar THREAD in the PrPro CS5 forum. As the Audio Mixer in PrE differs a bit from the one in PrPro, they may not be related, but then there are very strong similarities.


                  Since I have never read of this, to have two similar threads in a few days of each other, is very odd.


                  I cannot think of what might be common to these two situations, and only hope that someone has a comment, or suggestion to help both you, and the OP in the other thread.


                  Good luck,