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    In-Tools Preference Manager


      The In-Tools Preference Manager allows you to set preferences across multiple machines and get back up and running after you "trash preferences".  It's a great tool!


      I am a photographer using ID for wedding albums.  I help a lot of other photographers set up preferences.  So, I am trying to customize a default file.  I am stuck on the preference that sets Fill Frame Proportionally using Center Reference Point.  I would be so grateful if someone could show me the code for this one.  I've searched up and down the default settings file and the ID object model information.  I found some verbiage but can't implement it.


      This is how you do it manually:


      Object > Fitting > Frame Fitting Options: 

        1.  Select center reference point

        2.  Fitting on Empty Frame > Fitting > Fill Frame Proportionally


      Here is the custom file I have created so far:  Album Design


      Oh...one more thing...there seems to be a handful of options for default font.  Any idea how to set Helvetica as the default font?


      Thanks for any help.  And, if you are not familiar with the script you should download it and give it a try.  It's a great tool.

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          Harbs. Level 6

          Hi Braxton,


          I'm glad you like the script!


          There's no need to mess with the xml files (unless you like messing with xml).


          The script will save any preferences that you set -- provided it's one of the preferences that it deals with.


          There's a distinction between preferences and presets in the DOM. The latter is much more difficult to preserve, and the Preference Manager script does not save presets (including the ones for styles and text defaults).


          Tackling presets has been on my "to do" list since I created the script, but never quite got down low enough on the list to actually get to it...


          Application and document Frame Fitting Options are actually probably a preference, but Preference Manager doesn't currently handle that. I don't remember why. Possibly it was an oversight. I'll try to look at it when I have some time...


          Here' my list of what to look at adding:


          • displaySettings
          • documentPresets
          • flattenerPresets
          • PDFExportPresets
          • PrinterPresets
          • characterStyles
          • paragraphStyles
          • objectStyles
          • cellStyles
          • tableStyles
          • saved search and replaces
          • Contents of fonts folder?
          • Scripts?
          • Workspaces
          • Keyboard shortcuts
          • Print presets
          • Custom dictionary?


          Either way, if you come across preferences which are not preserved, please let me know!



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            Braxton65 Level 1

            Ok, I get it!  It's even better now.  Although I had fun playing with the xml. 


            Thanks for considering getting document Frame Fitting Options in there if you can.  And, eventually when you get the others...wow that would be great.