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    Audio and device settings issues with flash media live encoder 3.1


      When I livestream video using Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder 3.1, the video publishes correctly, but there is no audio broadcast. I suspect this has something to do with the Audio Device settings (called AudioInPutMixer Properties -- the wrench next to Audio > Device).


      WHAT I HAVE:

      -- Dell Latitude E6510; i5 CPU

      -- Windows XP; service pack 3

      -- Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder 3.1

      -- Encoder cord running from camera to laptop with USB and mic line inputs



      -- Device: IDT Audio (this is the only option)

      -- Mp3

      -- Mono

      -- 44100 Hz (but same result with 22050)

      -- 96 Kbps (but same result with 48)



      -- The audio preview in FMLE indicates there IS audio being input, but it is not broadcast.

      -- When I click on the Audio > Device settings wrench, the Master Input Mix settings are untouchable. On the Pin Line Input Mix side, the Pin Line is set to "Rec. Playbook." When I try to adjust this to "Line In" the settings do not save. I click OK, but when I go back into the settings, it's back to "Rec. Playback."


      Any ideas on either of these?

      -- Why I'm not broadcasting audio?

      -- Why I can't change the audio device settings?

      -- Are these problems related?


      I have two more issues:

      -- When I launch the FMLE, the window it is in is very small, so I can't see the entire program. I have to manually widen and deepen the window to see everything, every time. This drives me crazy.

      -- Any warning or detail window that pops up in FMLE is hiding the "OK" button. I have to blindly click around in empty space until I happen upon the place this button should be, at which point it appears for a blink before the window disappears.