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    Old Website to Dreamweaver Conversion - Ideas?


      Hey everybody,


      This is my first day on a forum.  Been trying to tackle this by myself, and am getting completely mired.


      I have a website that I did in FrontPage some 13 years ago (and, of course, it's evolved).  But, with improvements and standards on the net over the years, I see a need to upgrade and give my site a code and appearance face lift.


      So, some 5 months back I bought Dreamweaver.  I know HTML pretty well, but have no experience with CSS whatsoever.  And online tutorials are of little value (at least, not those that I've tried to work through).


      I actually like the website - but want to make it more user friendly (my drop down menu is prehistoric) with graphic size and uniform pages.  I have pages in several languages, but would like input on what I have and what an experienced (seriously) Dreamweaver user would do to improve what I already have.


      I don't want a template - I want to develop (or, re-develop) it from scratch using Dreamweaver.  The online templates I've found just don't cut it.


      This is the website:




      What would you do?  (Keep in mind, I'm brand new and Dreamweaver is daunting.)


      Thanks, David