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    CS5 - change language (legal)?

    DTEurope_1000 Level 1

      I´m searching for a legal solution to switch the language from german to english (MAC OS).


      I tried the suggested solution from the other thread (http://forums.adobe.com/message/2888731#2888731):

      1) right click on "Adobe After Effects CS5.app"

      2) click on "Show package contents"

      3) navigate to "Contents/Resources/AMTLanguages"

      4) delete or move the file "de_DE.txt"

      5) create a new file "en_EN.txt"

      5) launch the application and work with English interface


      but, After Effects comes up with "The software is not licensed...."


      I bought CS5 in german and like to have it for learning issues (classroom in a book and others) in english.


      @Todd: Is there a working legal way?



      BR Ralf