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    Avatar Designer


      I've always wanted to learn how to do an avatar designer...one that I can simply add art to and the user can have fun


      with.  However, being an artist, jumping into php or javascript seems a little too much for me.  It seems like it could


      take me months just to figure out how to some of the simplest things, much less some of the things I want to do.  In


      addition, paying someone to do it for me is out of the question since I just wanted to do it for fun;)  That being


      said...does anyone have any ideas or thoughts about how I should approach such a thing?  I'm actually not sure what


      the best approach is these days.  I've read some about java and php, but I'm not sure if that still applies these days


      since the articles were old.  Are there any Avatar creation tutorials out there? Or possibly any low cost scripts that


      will do what I need?  Any advice would be awesomely appreiciated;)