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    How to allow user to select pdf file on local machine and populate field with file name only



      I have a project requirement that I am stumped on.  I am admittedly a novice, so forgive questions that may seem obvious.


      My requirement is a form running on a client system where the user can click a button and select a PDF file name from a PDF on their local machine and then populate a form field with that file path & filename.  The file names vary between all machines, so there is no static list.  Note that the PDF is not embedded, nothing is executed, I simply need the file name.


      There are several of these on a form (20+), so manual name entry is too error prone.   I would like to use a 'browse' type dialog, but can not figure out how to implement it.


      I've looked at app.browseForFile, but the users can not install a javascript file in their adobe folder or any other files;  the functionality has to be integral with the original PDF. 


      Functionally, this is no different from the image object file browse, except that I need a PDF instead of an image file, so there doesn't seem like there should be a security issue that is any different from those surrounding the image object.


      I've been stumped on this for the entire week, and I have a deadline rapidly approaching, so any examples or suggestions (please remember I'm a novice) would be greatly appreciated!