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    New to CS5 need help cant get any sound to play?


      I just got this program and i cant get any audio from it the video i am editing are .MTS and .AVI with 32-bit audio i have checked some things but dont know what else it can be. so far i have tryed playing the video in a difrent player quick time plays no problem windows media player no problems. looking at my sound settings in premiere and they are set to my computer audio. looked at sound settings on computer and they are correct when premiere is open it comes up on the sound mixer. tryed reinstalling sound drivers and still no good. i can hear every thing else good dont have and problems with any other programs. i am runs win 7 64-bit on an asus P7P55D motherboard with DDR3 1600mhz 8G with i7-870 with built in audio driver have a pny geforce gts240 video card and black magic Intensity capture card. i have been trying for a while now and cant figure it out any help would be helpfull.

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          OK, I'm just going to say it.


          I started reading your post, and gave up before I hit the second line.  The lack of proper writing technique got in the way.  Please use proper sentence structure, not run on sentences.  Please use proper capitalization techniques.  Please spell check your work before posting.


          Sloppy writing makes your readers work harder.  It shows a certain disrespect.  I might have been able to help, but if I can't understand your thoughts...

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            Here is a general ARTICLE on Audio settings.


            With Audio issues, there are several places to check: the system, the program's Audio settings, the program's Audio Hardware settings, especially the ASIO settings, and then the source material. For the latter, G-SPOT is a great, free utility, that will tell you a lot about you files. Here is a look at its Audio area:



            Good luck,