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    Invisible audio tracks in timeline


      I've been working on a music video, so I've got multiple video clips in my timeline, but I've unlinked them from their original audio files and subsequently deleted the audio tracks they were assigned to. The only audio track I've kept is the original mp3 I am using. This was inserted on the audio track named "Soundtrack". For some reason, this track is no longer visible on my timeline. My Video tracks 1-7 are visible, but no audio tracks whatsoever. I can hear it fine and adjust it in the audio mixer, but I can't see it. Any idea how to get it back?


      NB: When I create a new sequence or project, the audio tracks are visible as usual. Just not in the sequence I'm working on. Also, if I add a new video clip with audio attached, I can preview the video and hear the audio, but again- the audio track isn't visible on the timeline. Please help! This is highly annoying...