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    how is localhost treated regarding security?

    Sible99 Level 1

      I have written a simple application that loads a file from remote host on the Internet. After compiling, I get the following security error on my computer running WAMP:

      Error #2048: Security sandbox violation: http://localhost/my.swf cannot load data from http://somehost.com/myfiles/myxml.xml


      But when I copy this my.swf file to my my blog and run it from there (as embedded object), it runs ok, no error (and the blog is on a different domain than somehost).


      I understand that if swf is loading local files from a computer, it won't load from internet and vice versa - this is how I understand the security sandbox. But I thought that "localhost" would be treated as internet, isn't it? It's communicating not via local file system but via WAMP Apache.