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    User entered info used in headers on pages AFTER FIRST


      Using the Adobe dunning notice example, I learned how to make a second master page and have that apply to all pages after the first. On the first page I have fields for first/middle/last name, and in the header in the second master page I have first/last/middle name fields, and I want this new header to appear on all subsequent pages and be populated with the info from the first page.


      I tried with both action builder (when the field is exited, I set the value of the field in the header to the original field's value) and formcalc (this.rawValue = fieldname.rawValue in the calculate event), but both times it only copied the data into the SECOND page, and not the 3rd.


      My hierarchy is currently


      -master page

      --page1 (first page style, no header)

      --restofpages (header+modified content area)

      -subform1 (contains fields for name/address and other info)

      -subform2 (forced to 'top of next content area, has placeholder field)

      -subform3 (forced to 'top of next content area, has placeholder field)


      The header appears on page 2 and 3, but when I fill in info on page 1, only page 2 copies the info. Page 3 remains empty. Why?




      Edit: Added a picture. You can see the first page and the top of the second - the header is appearing just fine. There's a 3rd page too, just like that. But when I preview it (or save as pdf and edit in acrobat) and fill in data in Last Name, First Name, or Middle, the data only gets copied to the second page.